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Steve Tunstall

Stephen John Tunstall – MSc (Project Management), BSc, MBCI, MRICS, MIRM, MACostE, MAPM, General Secretary Of PARIMA.

A Risk, Insurance And Resilience Expert With Over Thirty Years Experience (15 Years P&L Responsibility) In Owning, Managing And Advising Companies To Adapt And Change. Held The Post Of Managing Director Or Equivalent In Five Companies In Four Countries. With Experience In Over 100 Countries Globally Brings A Broad Based Approach To Dumping The Risks And Seizing The Opportunities – Fast.


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Board Director Appointments

Professional director (executive and non-executive) for over 30 years. With experience leading companies with over 400 employees. Extensive experience leading Audit, Risk, Nomination, Sustainability and Remuneration Committees including listed and regulated entities, technology companies and startups.

Sustainability & Climate Change Services

Tunstall Associates enables organisations to spot sustainability risks and harness the opportunities. We can help your organisation distinguish key ESG concepts and business trends. Implement the fundamentals of sustainability reporting, ESG strategy and materiality, with an emphasis on global frameworks, such as GRI, TCFD, ISSB and B-Corp.

Crisis Management and Resilience

Practical experience in crisis management and resilience gained from genuine, life-threatening, crisis across the region. Steve Tunstall led the risk team in Cathay Pacific and has managed multiple aviation crisis as well as shipping, property and other corporate disaster recovery programs from a practical and reputation management perspective

Insurance Programme Management

With considerable expertise in matching risks against coverage and unparalleled exposure in the Asian and European markets Tunstall Associates can make substantial improvements to coverage and quality whilst usually driving down costs by 10 to 30% in the first year. We have led the design and improvement of some of the largest insurance programmes in Asia over the last 20 years. Most importantly, in the event you claim – you get paid.

Captive Management Services

As insurance markets harden and capacity for challenging risks continues to shrink, shrewd insurance managers are turning to captives for risk management flexibility. Tunstall Associates have led new captive initiatives around the world in several jurisdictions through RFP delivery to director and management advisor on growth strategies for many global corporates.

Enterprise Risk Management

Tunstall Associates working on and engaging with boards on the introduction of Enterprise Risk Management for over 25 years. 30 years ago Steve was developing, marketing and implementing Monte Carlo based simulation packages for some of the largest PFI/PPP projects in the world.

Take Risk,Take Care

Board Director Specializing in Risk Management and Insurance

Tunstall Associates provides experienced non-executive and executive director services including chair and Committee support with expertise in Risk, Audit, Sustainability, Nomination and Remuneration Committees as well as main board appointments in the Asia region. With a business model built around long term partnerships and a having focus on technology plays, our focus is on understanding client culture, reputation and brand-trust proposition to provide solutions that remain nimble but effective. Faster decision making with bare minimum bureaucracy.


What Can We Do For You?

Risk in Asia Over 20 years

most exciting companies, growth sectors and countries in Asia


Stay Informed

In every crisis, the case studies shared recently demonstrate that speed is now critical in effective crisis management whether the event is large or small. It is an important reminder that in these days of ubiquitous smartphones, everyone is a potential news reporter.
Practical risk management implementation in the organization depends on how the corporate structure is arranged.
As a follow up to our case studies on crisis management, it’s now time to turn to media and communications.