Risk, Insurance & Compliance Services


Tunstall Associates has led the design and improvement of some of the largest insurance programmes in Asia. With considerable expertise in matching risks against coverage and unparallelled exposure in the Asian and European markets Tunstall Associates can make substantial improvements to coverage and quality whilst usually driving down costs by 10 to 15% in the first year. Where we make a real and unique differance is by positioning ourselves with the corporation. Working hand in hand with your broking team we build a genuine market relationship built on quality information, genuine sharing of risk issues and mutual respect. With experience in every major market sector you can rely on us to deliver a programme that works. That means in the event you claim – you get paid.

Examples include: Management of a major airline programme covering 45 office jurisdictions and over 150 destinations. The hull and liability programme being fifth largest in the world and the largest globally for a cargo carrier within a traditional airline structure. Placement of fifteen lines over a five year period with diverse global markets and multiple claim management issues. Placement of the second largest property risk in Singapore (after Changi Airport). Management of 26 extremely varied lines under an overall programme. Assets including casino, 6 hotels, aquarium and attractions park.

Management and advice in respect of a global programme for a USD20billion turnover agri and commodity company with operations in over 100 jurisdictions.

  •   specialist advice on specific geopolitical issues
  •   analysis of claims and placement records
  •   advice on programme structure including captive management
  •   presentation and clarification of risks to market to secure best structures, carriers and rates 

Led and improved major insurance programmes for several large Asian conglomerates including programme, broker and leader reviews, management of major placements and resolution of claims.


Unlike most potential partners in this space we have been working on and engaging with boards on the introduction of Enterprise Risk Management for over fifteen years. Twenty years ago we were developing, marketing and implementing Monte Carlo based simulation packages for some of the largest PFI/PPP projects in the world. A large part of our workload is in education. As an expert external provider in risk we supply extensive tailored training and refresher courses. These include briefing papers, presentations and interactive sessions as well as scored question papers – so that it’s not all talk.

We have presented to and sat on multiple board Audit Committees and Risk Committees. Engagement with boards of directors requires a very precise skill set and we have that in spades. For more experienced risk management clients the tools and techniques we employ are those required to keep risk systems alive and relevant as the company evolves. Understanding and embracing the culture of any client is crucial and our clients are all very different.

Our preferred offering as your part time risk manager follows a structured and templated approach:

    • strategic and business objective setting
    • clear risk identification at corporate, operational and project levels
  • quantitative and qualitative approach to assessment of short and long 
term issues
  • development of practical controls with accountability and action
  • implementation, measurement and follow up

Developed and implemented effective risk management systems (several times from scratch) in a dozen large Asia based conglomerates.

Worked with clients in various sectors including financial, manufacturing, commodities, logistics, transportation, entertainment and FMCG.


Previously head of Compliance and Legal for Cathay Pacific Airways acting as ‘Non-practicing Managing Partner’ of the in house and external team. Managed a small team of in house lawyers with a large external support. Established and implemented target cost contracts with key law partners achieving clear fee reductions of ten percent, year on year, in several categories.

On behalf of the company managed the corporate response to a global cartel investigation led by FBI/DOJ/SEC involving over twenty jurisdictions globally. Appeared in court in several jurisdictions as an expert witness and appeared as a witness in a major corporate fraud case in Hong Kong.