Sustainability issues are having an increasingly dramatic impact on businesses, investors, consumers, the workforce and governments. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption, it has also provided momentum and opportunity to rethink and reconfigure for resilience.


Tunstall Associates helps organisations plan, source, deliver, finance and measure the wider impact of products and services. We’re helping to future-proof businesses by making them more resilient, agile and sustainable. We provide guidance on a wide variety of issues, working with clients from the corporate, private equity and public sector. We’re specialists in how organisations can spot the sustainability risks and harness the opportunities.

Specific Deliverables

  • Distinguish key ESG concepts and business trends, including the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, the circular economy and getting to net zero.
  • Understand the fundamentals of sustainability reporting, ESG strategy and materiality, with an emphasis on global frameworks, such as GRI, TCFD, ISSB and B-Corp.
  • Identify specific ESG risks and opportunities in business, and drive competitive advantage from sustainability

Steve has supported multiple companies across Asia as they begin and then mature their sustainability journeys. Over a decade ago Steve supported Cathay Pacific and the broader Swire Pacific Group as they began the journey of producing their first Corporate Social Responsibility reports and continued to support and drive the CSR agenda throughout his time in the organisation. Since then Steve has helped multiple large conglomerates and smaller businesses across Asia navigate the changing landscape and requirements of the emerging sustainability regulatory and other requirements in the region.
Steve has a strong personal passion for the principles of global sustainability and stewardship and has built his personal life and lifestyle over at least 40 years around making these principals a reality. This personal sustainability journey is detailed in full in his website


Crisis Management and Resilience

Tunstall Associates have practical experience in crisis management and resilience gained from genuine, life-threatening, crisis across the region. Steve ed the team in Cathay Pacific and managed multiple aviation crisis as well as shipping, property and other corporate disaster recovery programs across the Swire Group and later in Genting Singapore. Experience includes manufacturing, shipping, entertainment, aviation, agriculture, and conglomerates across five continents. Deep knowledge and expertise in helping organizations plan, source and deliver crisis management training, system development and more general business continuity planning.