Crisis & Response

In every crisis, the case studies shared recently demonstrate that speed is now critical in effective crisis management whether the event is large or small. It is an important reminder that in these days of ubiquitous smartphones, everyone is a potential news reporter.

Social Media Pitfalls

As a follow up to our case studies on crisis management, it’s now time to turn to media and communications.

An Ugly Crisis : Case Studies Part 2

A CEO who buckles under a crisis takes the whole company along for the ride. An unfortunate example of getting the tone and approach wrong comes from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill and crisis.

Crisis Management

It can be highly effective to think through potential crisis timelines in advance and prepare a response.

Bouncing Back from a Crisis

In business crises are inevitable. When a crisis occurs, every CEO would like to consider his business resilient. A resilient business can handle hard knocks like a rubber ball.